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Sofia's new bedroom!

“"Her enthusiasm and excitement... grew and grew." ”
- Tracy, Sofia's volunteer

Seventeen-year-old Sofia and her family are big fans of the television show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Sofia's favorite part of the show is the moment right before the big reveal when the host yells, "Move that bus!" and the renovated home is shown. Sofia's wish was for her very own home makeover: a redesign of her bedroom for a whole new look!

Sofia was sent to her aunt's house for a few weeks while Wish Granters, interior designer Tracy Kozlowski, Elizabeth Roach, and Abby Gladstone-Strobel, worked hard to pull Sofia's dream room together. Designer Kozlowski said, "I think my favorite part of granting her wish was knowing that her enthusiasm and excitement about seeing her room reveal grew and grew as the date approached. She would text me daily."

Sofia wished to have a bedroom makeover.When the new bedroom was ready, Sofia had her very own big reveal moment! Her Wish Granters painted the Make-A-Wish logo on a toy minibus for her mom to hold by the bedroom door, while her dad yelled, "Move that bus!" Kozlowski said, "When the door opened, I could tell she loved it. Some of the items she recognized from the Pinterest Board I created for her. She had given me her input by commenting or liking the photos I posted, so I could purchase exact items or emulate the style. I think having so much of her input really made the room feel like her." 

Sofia's Wish Granters also commented on the incredible support from Sofia's family and the community. Her uncle donated flooring and paint. Her dad, mom, and brother helped prep the room. Her sister and dad helped select additional photos to be highlighted in frames. Other amazing people added their help or donated items: The Wall Doctor, The SuperStore Appliances, Furniture & Electronics, painter Janice Goodman, Essex Paint & Carpet, carpenters Mark Kryprych and Shea Wagner, and Burlington Bedrooms.   

Sofia is thrilled with her very own "extreme makeover" and says she isn't coming out of her room for a "long, long time!"

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Donated airline miles took Myles to Japan.

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