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Wish Mom Kathy Shares Brayden's Wish Story

Brayden wished to have a car makeover for his beloved Jeep.

“ He was able to focus on something other than cancer. We are so thankful. ”

- Kathy, wish mom

We want to thank you for the Amazing Wished-Out Jeep, a.k.a. The Beast. There aren't words to describe the grandness of this gift, but we will collectively attempt to share our gratitude. 

Brayden's Jeep has been a 'project' that he has been committed to for many years, constantly saving and researching, and Mike and I were impressed with his dedication. Every night, we discussed all available Jeeps for sale and spent many weekends driving around New England to test drive. Brayden still hadn't located the perfect Jeep when he received his original cancer diagnosis. When Brayden first met Wish Granters Sue and Jane to discuss his Wish, he knew exactly what he wanted assistance with...a Jeep makeover. We are so grateful. 

When Brayden's cancer returned he was distraught and we felt an extra push to locate and purchase the perfect Jeep. It happened the week before he started chemo! The blessing of the Wish was all timed so perfectly. Brayden spent that week going for drives, spending a day with his grandfather removing the doors and hard-top, and driving around town with friends and family. Evenings were for his parts list (a.k.a. his Make-A-Wish list) researching, revising, prioritizing, and doing more research, editing lists constantly. He was able to focus on something other than cancer. We are so thankful. 

During Brayden's chemo and six day stays in the hospital, his computer was never far away. He wasn't hungry or thirsty, and had very little energy, but he always thought about, and worked on, his list. It was such a gift to have him occupied with his Wish. Next up was the Big Reveal. This day will never be forgotten and we actually watch the video often. The day was perfect! We are so blessed. 

The meetings with Daren were fun, educational and exciting. He is such a wonderful person to work with and a great Jeep resource! Daren worked around Brayden's schedule and let him participate if he was up to it. Amazing. We are so appreciative. 

Since the day Brayden has picked up his Jeep, he drives it to the mountain to snowboard, carts friends around, and continues to work on it and dream. He has installed a few things on his own, including a stereo and amplifier. He has made one trip to Bond Auto to purchase parts and they made him feel like royalty. Wow, the Wish that keeps giving. We feel so loved. 

We are so blessed and hope you all know how much we deeply appreciate you. As life begins to settle down, Make-A-Wish and everyone's generosity will never be forgotten. I have a funny feeling you'll see more of us in a different role, as a volunteer or donor! We love you Make-A-Wish. 


Mike, Kathy and Brayden

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