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Atticus wishes for a snake-themed trip to Florida

  • Atticus loved the reptile exhibits at Animal Kingdom.

  • Atticus was surprised at his wish sendoff with a visit from Kevin of 802 Reptiles.

  • The arcade at Give Kids the World was Atticus' favorite.

  • Which way to all day ice cream at Give Kids the World Village? This way, says Atticus!

“ [It] was the best day of my life!" ”

- Atticus

Snakes, and lizards, and alligators, oh my!

Wish kid Atticus, 7, from Charlotte, loves snakes and reptiles and when it came time for him to choose his wish, it was a snake-themed trip to Florida for the family! Atticus wanted to make sure that they would have a lot of fun on his wish trip!

As a surprise, Kevin Clarkson of 802 Reptiles from Colchester, visited the office with a few live pythons and lizards on the day of their departure to Florida, to make Atticus’ wish sendoff extra special.

Atticus said that he was definitely surprised by his wish sendoff party but thought that it "was the best day my life because it was very good and happy!" Knowing that his wish was coming true, Atticus said that it “made me feel excited and better!”

Atticus and his family were able to visit several animal exhibits during their time in Florida, and Atticus just “LOVED the snakes at Animal Kingdom! We also went on an airboat ride and that was awesome! We saw real alligators in their habitat."

The family stayed at Give Kids the World Village, a resort for children with life-threatening illnesses, during Atticus’ Florida wish trip. This magical resort offers a host of experiences from train rides, playgrounds, and ice cream available at all hours! Atticus’ favorite part of the resort was “the free arcade at Give Kids the World! That place was awesome!”

Wish mom Sarah shares, “Honestly, we cannot express how incredibly kind and amazing Give Kids the World was. Their website is good, but does it no justice! It is so well kept and everyone is so nice. There really is ice cream all day if one so chooses! Ruby, Atticus' 10 year old sister, wants to go back to volunteer (you need to be 12 years old)! Thank you to Make-A-Wish for all that you do for these kids and families!”

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) and Make-A-Wish share a deep commitment to providing emotional support for patients and their families. Thank you, BMS! Your gift to Make-A-Wish in 2018 does more than bring joy to children with cancer. You help us give them an edge in conquering their illnesses.

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