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Pam Clark, Wish Granter

Wish Granter Pam Clark has been creating magic for Vermont’s Wish Kids for the last 15 years and recently organized the highly successful Witches, Wizards, and Wishes held at Vermont Teddy Bear. Approaching her 50th Wish, Pam talks of how she first became interested in becoming a Wish Granter, what she’s learned over the years, and how she could never pick a favorite Wish!

Wish-granting volunteer Pam ClarkFrom the first time I attended the Make-A-Wish Vermont Wish Granter training on that brisk Vermont day in St. Johnsbury, I would have never imagined 15 years and 50 wishes later, I would still be looking forward to the next new adventure, either fundraising or granting wishes. I wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite wish, of all I’ve granted, because each is original and tailored to each wish kid. The magic that surrounds each visit and the excitement of determining each wish, cannot be explained.

What have been a few of your most favorite/original wishes? My first wish will always remain close to my heart. Wish kid Genina Wished for jewels so that she could sell them to be able to visit Disney World. My heart was completely stolen! Each wish touches your heart in a different way – Alaska, the wish that keeps on giving… a wish to travel across the US and meet a favorite basketball player and team… flying across the Atlantic for a week filled with Harry Potter adventures… a wish to attend Black Sabbath’s last performance… a trip to Miami to visit a variety of both land and sea animals… a wish to create a documentary for teens with cancer, shopping sprees, Disney adventures, Paris, New Zealand, play structures, swimming pools…on and on, and so many more! No two wishes are ever the same, and as unique as each wish kid themselves.

What initially interested you about becoming a Wish Granter? When I first thought of where I wanted to volunteer, it was important to me that it be local, any funds raised would support the cause without high overhead, and I wanted to make an impact. I have often been asked how I can do what I do. How do I meet with these kids, and their families, who are going through such a difficult time? I always find myself with the same answer; there is no one more deserving for a wish than a sweet, innocent child that has been faced with a life-threatening illness, a family that is exhausted, frustrated, and lost. The thought of bringing hope, strength and joy into their lives, even for a moment, brings so much warmth to my heart. 

What would you say to someone that was interested in being a Wish Granter? If someone were thinking that they’d like to become a Wish Granter, I would encourage them to be a team player. I have met some of my favorite people through Make-A-Wish Vermont and the work that we all take part in. Even our recent Witches, Wizards, and Wishes event would not have been possible without the committed, loyal, and trustworthy Wish Granters and committee members. There are so many ways to volunteer for Make-A-Wish Vermont! 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned as a Wish Granter? Believe! Miracles happen when you BELIEVE!

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