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Judy Moulton

"Being a Make-A-Wish Vermont wish granter is one of the toughest jobs I’ve ever had. We are volunteers and it takes courage to grant wishes.

Judy Moulton

My idea is that I only get one chance at this kid, so I may as well do it up big!

I cannot control what happens to these kids but because of Make-A-Wish, I can bring some excitement, fun, hope and magic back into their lives. Many of these kids have been robbed of their childhood. A wish come true provides them with hope for the future. They begin to feel more energetic and more willing and able to battle their life-threatening illness.

Wishes are medicine. Make-A-Wish helps them to create a desire to never give up. This is what the power of a wish is all about.

There is nothing more rewarding for me than to look into a child’s face and bring them the magical news that their wish has been granted. Where else would I get to do something this significant? It is a tremendous honor for me to be a part of this process.

After granting the wish, I begin to see that they start to realize that there is more to life than a hospital room, treatments and medication. I believe this is one of the best times of their lives and I get to make it happen. How can I not want to be a part of that?

If I could have a wish … it would be that there would be no need for Make-A-Wish Vermont. That no child would have to face a life-threatening illness.

In addition to being a wish granter, I also participate in Walk For Wishes® each year, but this year I sent out a very different, and personal, fundraising letter to my supporters.

Three months ago, my husband, Ronald and I received the devastating news that he has Stage 3, advanced, and highly aggressive prostate cancer. It takes just a moment for a doctor to deliver this news. And just like my wish kids, it has changed our lives. We now know firsthand, the many challenges that they face.

Some of my friends, family and supporters asked if I was still going to support Make-A-Wish. My reply was, “Of course! I will always do Make-A-Wish! These kids are my heroes!”

I have learned so much about life because of these kids. They are fighting the hardest fight of their lives, and so are we. I’ve learned that it is always too early to quit. I’ve learned from them that this illness is aggressive, but we can be too. I’ve learned that being brave and strong like them does not mean we never cry. It means we shed tears and then get up and fight again.

It is a tremendous honor for me to be a wish granter. Wishes are medicine. Make-A-Wish helps them create a desire to never give up. This is what the power of a wish is all about. How can I not want to be a part of that?

I want to take a moment to talk about you, our supporters.

It takes a community to make wishes come true. It is because of you, and your generosity, that we are able to continue to grant wishes. Because of you, these kids have a special day they can cherish for their rest of their lives. A day in which doctors and hospitals play no part. A day in which illness and disease dare not interfere.

Because of our supporters, I continue to have the courage to grant the wishes that change the lives of the kids I serve. Because of you, smiles are smiled, tears of joy are shed and wishes are granted. You are invisible, but invaluable.

You are the wind beneath my wings."

— Judy Moulton, Make-A-Wish Vermont wish granter

Donated airline miles took Myles to Japan.

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