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Joe Lorman

Joe LormanWhat brought you into Make-A-Wish?
I attended a Make-A-Wish Vermont function at the Paramount Theatre in Rutland a number of years ago. At that event, a young wish kid gave a remarkable recounting of her experience with Make-A-Wish. She discussed the important role her wish played in her life and she urged those in attendance to become involved. At that point, I knew I would be signing up to volunteer.

What made you want to be a wish granter?
Like all of us, I have a busy schedule and limited time to contribute. However, I still wanted to give back in some way. I thought long and hard about what organization makes the most impact in people’s lives. I simply couldn’t think of anything more important than Make-A-Wish. What could be a worthier cause than helping sick kids? Working as a wish granter allows me to get close to the action and to feel as though I am having a direct impact on the family. It is an amazing opportunity and, at 9 wishes in, I still can’t believe I get to do it. It has truly changed my life.

What has been your most ‘magical moment’?
It is not hyperbole to say that each wish I’ve worked on has been a magical experience. It is impossible to choose a most magical moment, but I will say that the look on a wish kid’s face when his or her wish is revealed is undoubtedly my favorite part of the process.

What do you do when you’re not a ‘fairy godparent’?
I am a Family Court Magistrate Judge. I also serve on the Board of Directors of The Paramount Theatre in my hometown of Rutland. In my free time, I enjoy movies, books, podcasts and my iPhone. I am never without that thing.

What do you believe it is that makes wishes so special for wish kids and their families?
I do not presume to know what wish kids and their families are going through, but it seems to me that a wish gives the child and the family something tangible, uplifting, and FUN to look forward to during difficult times. What greater gift could there be? I feel privileged to play a small role in making it happen.

Donated airline miles took Myles to Japan.

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