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Elizabeth Roach

In 2011, Elizabeth Roach saw an advertisement on television and decided volunteering was something she wanted to try.

Elizabeth RoachElizabeth Roach

Wish Granter and Airport Greeter

Elizabeth's Wish: I would wish that no child would ever have to be sick again. My second choice would be to go to Ireland to explore my family's heritage. 

Inspiring, special and fun are just a few of the ways Elizabeth describes wish granting! 

"I felt like this is something special that I wanted to be involved in. Knowing I could help put a smile on a sick child's face and to see them happy is important to me."

Each child has had a unique wish and has inspired and reinforced Elizabeth’s commitment to wish granting. “My first wish was Charlotte. She and her family went to the beach last summer. The family was incredible. She and her big brother have an incredible bond. When we went to visit them we brought cupcakes. The cupcake was as big as she was and it was so funny to see her eat it. I have to say, seeing her picture on the cover of the newsletter made my day. Just seeing her run freely on the beach melted my heart.”

Elizabeth’s favorite part of volunteering is seeing the difference a wish can make for the whole family. “I just had a mom tell me the other day that there was no way she could ever tell me how much she and the family appreciate what we are doing for them. They are overwhelmed. That inspires me, to know that the child and family are happy, and excited and appreciative.”

Elizabeth is really excited about a wish she is working on now, but we can’t share too many details because she is gearing up for the big wish reveal! “It isn’t completed yet, but we are working on the reveal and I really think that is going to be a lot of fun!”

Charlotte, Aaron, Alex and Rowan and her fairy godmother wand is just getting started!

97 percent of volunteers reported feeling more grateful and thankful as a result of helping to grant a wish. ”

— 2011 Wish Impact Study

Donated airline miles took Myles to Japan.

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