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Carris Reels

Carris Reels

Carris Reels has a long standing commitment to the communities in which we do business. The Company is very proud of the founding family’s legacy which is primarily a spirit of generosity and a tradition of giving. The Carris family has donated talent, time and treasure to so many worthwhile organizations, and really helped boost the success of the Company’s ESOP when it sold the company at a significant discount to the employees. In continuing recognition of this tradition, the company contributes approximately five percent of profits to non-profit organizations. At each site, committees of employees decide what organizations to support. Virtually every charitable contribution starts with one employee-owner’s passion and commitment. Members of the giving committees present the “big checks” and are increasingly becoming personally involved in these organizations in their communities. The mission of Carris Reels is to “improve the quality of life for our growing corporate community” which includes not just employee-owners and their families. Of course this community includes our customers, suppliers, friends and neighbors.

Donated airline miles took Myles to Japan.

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