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Beth Barnes joins Make-A-Wish Vermont as Program Manager

Make-A-Wish Vermont is pleased to welcome Beth Barnes as Program Manager.

Beth BarnesBeth, formerly of North Country Hospital, will be leading Make-A-Wish Vermont’s medical outreach and referral program and focusing on northern Vermont. As the former Community Health Outreach Specialist for North Country Hospital, Beth worked with many community organizations that focus on child safety and welfare. Chairman of the Board of Directors for Make-A-Wish Vermont, Mark Wallace, says, “We are so pleased to have Beth join our outstanding team. She will add an additional dynamic which will help our mission of granting wishes to every eligible child.”

Beth states, “At North Country Hospital in Newport, it was my goal to positively impact the lives of Northeast Kingdom kids and families through outreach and education. Now I have the wonderful opportunity to be part of a team that helps create life-changing wishes for Vermont kids with critical illnesses. It’s an honor and privilege to join the dynamic and dedicated Make-A-Wish Vermont team and I look forward to helping make a happy difference in kids’ lives.”
“After seeing some of the great wellness work that Beth did with North Country Hospital, it is exciting to hear that she is joining the team at Make-A-Wish,” said Jonathan Billings, Vice President of Community Relations at Northwestern Medical Center. “We are strong believers in the mission and work of Make-A-Wish and having yet another talented, passionate professional join their team is wonderful. I look forward to working with Beth in her new role.”
Make-A-Wish Vermont understands that when wishes are granted, they affect more than our wish kids and wishes extend far beyond a single event, or moment in time. When children are sick, their families are sick, and when families are sick, their communities are sick. Wishes are often a turning point in a child’s recovery. Make-A-Wish Vermont provides life-changing experiences that are limited only by a child’s imagination, and through these experiences, seeks to lift children, their families, and their communities through the healing power of a wish.

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